Our Project

The Youth against Fake Web project aims to help protect people from the dangers of the internet. This is done by our running of educational courses and programmes. By training youth workers we hope to help protect young people from the dangers of the internet.

Please feel free to use the free downloadable YAFW Training materials below

Have a go at our online quizzes!

YAFW E-Safety Quiz: https://app.qozo.io/viewForm/b808f516-1adb-47dd-9734-20ccab960024?formType=quiz

YAFW Scams and Digital Rights Quiz: https://app.qozo.io/viewForm/99a6c89a-a564-4eea-8ea5-a3c0b74e2396?formType=quiz

YAFW Fake News Quiz: https://app.qozo.io/viewForm/bf514300-5f42-4086-bf0a-549b1bcbacf8?formType=quiz